How to Customize Pages(Registration, Thank you, Edit Webinar Pages)

1. On your Dashboard, Click Webinars (On the Left Side Corner) under Webinar Funnels.



2. Hit the All Webinars to show the events that you have created.



3. Now select the event that you would like to customize the pages, and hit “Edit” (on the right side) under Actions.



4. You will see the Registration Page, thank you Page, and Edit Webinar Pages.




5. The Registration Page tab allows you to customize the appearance of the webinar registration page.




6. Click Embed Registration Widget to embed the JetWebinar registration widget to the required website.



7. In Require Double Opt-in, select Enabled if you require a registration confirmation to be sent to your email address provided during registration.



8. In Registration Page Logo, click Upload Logo Image to browse and select an image from your local computer to use as a logo for the registration page. 


9. Enter a headline and subheadline for the registration page in Registration Page Headline and Registration Page Subhead line respectively.



10. In Registration Page Video, select the video to be displayed during the webinar registration. You can upload video files through Video Assets > Media.



11. In Show Speaker #1 and Show Speaker #2, select Enabled to provide speaker names for the webinar; otherwise, select Disabled.



12. In Registration Page Description, enter a text to be displayed in the webinar registration page.

Use the formatting toolbar to set a style for the text, set the text to Bold, Italics, or Underline, set font, color, bulleted list, or the number for the text, and set the alignment. Additionally, you can insert tables, images, videos, or hyperlinks in the content.



13. Standard Fields displays the default fields appearing on the webinar registration page. Select the check box corresponding to the fields to be displayed in the webinar registration page. People registering for this webinar must enter information for these fields.



14. In GDPR Consent Checkbox, select Enabled to provide a check box on the webinar registration page to select compliance with GDPR regulations. You can provide details such as a label for the GDPR consent field, a label for the custom privacy policy, and the URL directing to the privacy policy.



15. Hit Save Webinar Once Done with your preferred Customization for your Registration Page.



16. The Thank You Page tab allows you to select the video to be displayed after completing the webinar registration. You can upload video files through Video Assets > Media.

You can also enter a website to be displayed after completing the webinar registration. 

Select Enabled in Enable Custom Thank You Page, and then enter the required website to be displayed. 



17. Edit Webinar Pages gives you two options for Edit Registration Page and Edit Thank you Page. Once you click Edit Registration Page you will be routed to this page.



18. To edit Image or Add Image Click the Left Side + symbol.



19. To Edit Name of the Registration name of the Webinar.




20. To Edit your Headline in is the center of the page.



21. The Icon for Desktop View, Tablet and Mobile view of your registration preview are in this Icons.



22. Fullscreen is this icon.



23. To view the Code is this Icon.



24. To import a Code is using this Icon.



25. The Update Icon is allowing you to select one of the built in Registration page.



26. This is to Edit the page Code Icon.



27. To undo or Redo changes are these icons.



28. And to Save the Changes is the Floppy Desk Icon.



29. The Edit Thank You Page will look like this but the same functions of Icons on the Edit Registration Page.




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