How to Add Media

1. On your Dashboard, you will see on the left corner “MEDIA”. This is where you can upload videos/content to use for your live or on demand events

2. When you click “MEDIA” you will see this page


3. When you click Add Slides 


4. You will be redirected to this page, an option wherein you can add PDF file format ONLY.


5. Make sure to add a presentation name as shown below before you click “add slides”.


6. You will know it was successfully uploaded once you see the slides on the back file, as shown on this screenshot.


7.  And when you click Add Embed section to add media via embedded code.


8. Add title of the video file on the “video name” section and copy and paste the embed code of your video on the embed code section shown on the screenshot below, then click “add media”. 


9. You will see it’s successful once you see it on the back file.


10. On the “add URL’ section


11. Add a title as shown below and add file format that is only supported, [mp4 and .m3u8]


12. You will know it was successfully added once you see the file on the back page.


13. As shown below, click add files and click start to start uploading.


14. Wait for it to finish uploading.


15. You will know it’s successful once you will no longer see the file on the Add Media page. Click return to media


16. You will see all the files successfully added on the media dashboard section.


From here, you can access any of this content for your live, simulated live, or meetings.

To use this for a LIVE EVENT :

When in your webinar room, click the TOOLS icon on the right hand side of your screen.


Select SHARE VIDEO from the dropdown menu and choose your desired content from the media bin.Screenshot_192.png

To select media for a SIMULIVE:

  • Go to the WEBINAR ROOM tab associated with your simulated live event. 
  • Under SIMULATED WEBINAR VIDEO, select your desired media from the dropdown menu. Until it is chosen, it will display as PLACEHOLDER VIDEO.Screenshot_193.png

To select media for a REPLAY: 

  • Go to Replay option Tab - make sure to enable  replay available and select from your dropdown menu in the next section what file you would like to add as the replay video.


  • At the end of Replay, you will have an option to add actions after they have watched the replay.


  • If you want to send them into an offer or URL:


  • Or if you want to send over a message:Screenshot_197.png

Make sure to click save after any changes have been made.

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