How to Create Stimulated Live

1. On your Dashboard, click All webinars to see all the webinars created.


2. To add, click Add New+. You will see options of themes you can choose from for your registration page.


3. Add the URL of the desired webinar, add Title, select a desired time zone, and select from the drop down menu “Simulated Live


4. In this page you can select how many times you want this Simulated event to run, if it’s once , hourly or recurring. In recurring you have the option to select what day of the week you want your Simulated Live event to run. You can add day of the week as many as you want. You can also set the time of the event. Once done click Add Webinar to SAVE. 


5. Once successfully saved, you will be redirected to your webinar dashboard, as shown below.


6. As you can see, on the upper section, you will see more options to edit the webinar set-up.

7. Then go back to your webinar section > Email Funnel. Now you will see in the drop down menu. Select an approved sender from the dropdown menu to send a test email and set up the email funnel. For more information on how to add approved senders, go to the settings tab.


8. Set-up a confirmation email, this will be the email received by the registered attendee right after they have successfully registered in the webinar/event. If you haven’t created an email yet, you can use the email template we have as a default set-up. 


9. You can do this set-up to all  kinds of email you wanted to send as highlighted in the screenshot below.


10. Reminder Email tab will allow you to send email and remind the attendee that it will start in 15 or minutes or in any given time set.  You can choose from the template provided in this section and also the time on when you would like to send the email.


11. For the follow up email tab, this will give you an option to send an email to those who might be coming late or those who might have forgotten the event or meeting. You can choose from the template provided in this section and also the time on when you would like to send the email.

12. In the Did not Attend tab, you will be given the chance to send email to those who signed up but failed to show up in the event. You can choose from the template provided in this section and also the time on when you would like to send the email.


13. You can also send email to those who left early in the event. 


14. If you want to use template codes to customize your own pre and post event emails, find them from the dropdown menu under “Template Codes”


15. In the next tab, is the Registration Page, 


16. First section is the required Double opt-in, if you want to have a 2 way verification registration, you need to enable this section. Once they register, they need to click the verification link they will receive right after signing up. 


17. To add a logo in Registration Page, click +add logo 


18. You can select which folder or tools/app you would like to get your logo/photo.


19. Once you have selected your logo, you can make a twist like cropping the image, have it in circle shape or rotate the uploaded file. Hit SAVE once done. Then click UPLOAD.


20. After you have uploaded your logo, you need to add title headline and subheadline. You can also add files from the dropdown menu, either it’s a pdf, video or audio.


21. If you wanted to feature a speaker on the registration page, you can upload images and information here.


22. In this section, it will allow you to discuss or give brief information of what the event will be.


23. Below will also give you an option of what data you would like from your attendees before they access the event. You can customize this to include any custom fields.


24. You can also customize the registration page, on what data you would like to collect. You can add as many as you want.


25. You can add GDPR information in this section.


26. Click save to proceed to next tab.

27. Thank you Page tab, allows you to set-up a page for the registrant.


28. Enabled the option to customize the thank you page. Paste a URL you would like to add in the thank you page, you can add a video if you have created one for the registrants.Click SAVE once done.


29. In the Webinar Room tab, you can select how late a visitor can arrive for your event.


30. You also have the option to enable a waiting room, this will allow you to select who you would like to be accepted in the event/webinar. 


31. Choose your settings for the chat :
>Global chat -  all messages are seen by hosts, participants, and attendees

>Moderated chat - all messages are only seen by the host.

>Custom Integration - if you want something in-between, we can use our open API to integrate with chat services to ensure the chat is running exactly the way you want.


32. Display On Completion - This determines what attendees see when the event is over. Choose to display a custom message, redirect to a replay page for them to watch it again, or redirect them to a new URL (i.e. a company website, store, or homepage promoting future events).


33. If your attendee also misses the event, you also can determine where they are directed.


34. Here in this section you can add a message you would like to your attendee to see upon entry in the webinar/event.


35. Here in Custom CSS, allows you to add or edit a theme that you want.


36. A Custom Branding Logo of your choice can be uploaded in here. Make sure to upload 150px wide size of an image as your logo for better visibility. 


37. This Poll section allows you to create a Poll you would like to use in the event. You have the option to add the Poll question in a specific time of the webinar/event. 


38. Here in this section, you can add a message from the host, attendees can see it at a specific timecode in your pre-recorded video. You can add as many messages as you want.


39. Here in Stimulated Call to Action -  you have the option to add  an icon of your CTA as downloadable, information link, docs or calendar [options as shown on the screenshot below]. You will also have the option to enable the countdown, if the offer is limited availability.  And set a specific time you would like this CTA to appear. You can also add the CTA as many as you want or if you would like to appear it many times in a given visible time.


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