List All Your Webinars

This section describes the procedure to view all the scheduled webinars. Go to Webinars > All Webinars and the following page appears.

Webinar list

The scheduled webinars with information such as the webinar title, presenter, attendee count, and link to access the webinar are displayed. You can also edit, copy, or delete the required webinars by clicking the respective link in the Actions column.

Additionally, you can also perform the following through this page.

  • Use the icons corresponding to the columns to sort the entries in ascending or descending order.
  • In Show entries, select the required number of webinar entries to be displayed in the page. Select All to list all webinars in this page.
  • In Search, enter the complete or partial name of the data to be searched for.
  • Click Add New to add a new webinar. See here for more information.
  • Use the  icons to navigate between the pages.
  • Click PDF, CSV, or Excel to save the webinar list as an Acrobat document, a CSV file, or an Excel sheet respectively. Browse to the required location in your computer, enter a file name, and click Save to save the file.
  • Bulk Actions is used to copy or delete two or more webinars at the same time. Select the check boxes corresponding to the webinars to be copied or deleted and select the required action from Bulk Actions.

See here for information on copying webinars and here for information on deleting webinars.

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