Copy A Webinar

This section describes the procedure to create a copy of any existing webinars. Go to Webinars > All Webinars and the following page appears displaying the list of webinars.

Webinar list

Click Copy corresponding to the webinar to be copied and the following page appears displaying details such as the name of the original webinar being copied, and the name and link to the new webinar.

Copying a webinar

Click Copy Webinars to proceed with creating a copy of this webinar. The new webinar appears in the webinar list with Copy as a suffix to the title.

Webinar list after copying a webinar

Note - You can also copy several webinars together. Select the check boxes corresponding to the webinars to be copied, and select Copy from Bulk Actions.

Click Copy Webinars to copy the selected webinars.

Copying webinars in bulk


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