Editing Other Pages

This section describes the procedure to customize the registration page, thank you page, replay page, or the webinar room.

Select the required option as Edit Registration PageEdit Thank You PageEdit Webinar Room, or Edit Replay Room from the Edit Webinar page.

The following page appears on selecting Edit Registration Page.

Note - The Edit Thank You Page, Edit Webinar Room, and Edit Replay Room pages are similar to the Edit Registration page.

Editing Registration Page

To edit any content in the page:

  1. Select the respective box to be edited. This box is surrounded by a red coloured rectangle and is also known as the active box.

    Active box

  2. Click Editor and a screen appears based on selection.

  3. Click Preview to view the page how it appears and then click Save to save the changes.
  4. You can also perform the following during an edit:

    • To add a box, click Add Box and then follow the above steps to edit it.

    • To remove a box, select and click Remove Box. A confirmation message appears, where you must click OK to proceed. Otherwise click Cancel.

    • To reposition the boxes, select the box, and drag and drop it to the required position.

    • To use another template for your page, click Show Templates and select the required template from the Template List page.


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