Upload Your First Video

The Media page allows you to upload new media to JetWebinar account. You can also view the existing media, and edit or delete them if required.

In the JetWebinar application, click Media under Video Assets. 

This displays name of the media, and status of the media. Status appears as Ready, Processing, or Error if it is ready to be used, if the upload is in progress, or if any error during upload, respectively.


To upload a new video:

  1. Click Upload and the following appears:

    Uploading Media

  2. Click Add Files to browse to the required location and select the videos to be uploaded.
  3. Click Start to start uploading the video.
    At anytime during this process, you can click Cancel or Cancel Upload to cancel your upload.
  4. Click Return to Media to view the video you have uploaded. If it is ready to view, the Status is shown as Ready.

To edit a media:

  1. Click Edit in the Actions column corresponding to the media to be edited. It displays the name, status, thumbnail of the media, and the video. You can also preview the video.
  2. To embed this video to the JetWebinar account or another website, enter the code in Embed Code.
  3. Click Return to Media to view the Media page.

Editing Media

Note - Click Delete to remove this media. A confirmation screen appears where you must click OK to proceed. Otherwise, click Cancel.

You can also click Delete in the Actions column corresponding to the required media to be deleted.

See here for additional features in the Media page.


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