Listing All Attendees

The Attendees page displays information of all attendees registered for the webinars. It displays details of the webinar registered by the attendee, and name, email, and phone number of the attendee. 

In the JetWebinar application, click Attendees.


The column
Affiliate Email shows the email address of the affiliate if the corresponding attendee has done the webinar registration through this affiliate using a promotional URL. See here for more information on affiliates.

The column Registered shows if the attendee has registered for the corresponding webinar.

The columns Attended, Late, Finished, and Replay shows whether the attendee has attended the webinar, shown up late for the webinar, present for the complete webinar session, or viewed the webinar replay, respectively.

You can also perform the following using this page:

  1. Use the  icons corresponding to the columns to sort the entries in ascending or descending order.
  2. In Show entries, select the required number of attendee entries to be displayed in the page. Select All to list all attendees in this page.
  3. In Search, enter the complete or partial name of the data to be searched for.
  4. Click Delete in the Actions column corresponding to the attendee, to delete the information. A confirmation message appears where you must click OK to proceed. Otherwise, click Cancel.
  5. Click the link in the Webinar column to view the webinar details and the registration page.
  6. Use the  icons to navigate between the pages.
  7. Click PDF, CSV, or Excel to save the attendee list as an Acrobat document, a CSV file, or an Excel sheet respectively. Browse to the required location in your computer, enter a file name, and click Save to save the file.
  8. Click Print to print the list.
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