Changing Account Settings

This section describes the procedure to modify your settings in the JetWebinar account. Click Settings in My Account.

Account Settings

  1. You can send confirmation emails, reminder emails, or followup emails when you schedule webinars. Approved Sender List represents the email account from which these emails must be sent.

    Click Add Sender and the following appears.

    Adding sender

    Enter the first name, last name, email address, and then click Add New Sender.

    You will receive a verification email in your mailbox. Click the link to do the verification, and then  you will be marked as approved in the system.

    When your name is approved, it will be shown in the Emails tab in Edit Webinars.

  2. Enter the email address and phone number in Chat Notification Email and Chat Notification Phone respectively to receive an email notification and a text message when an attendee starts a conversation through the chat window during a webinar registration.

  3. Select the required Video Rendering Quality as Low, Medium, High, or Variable, to specify the quality of rendering the video from the Media tab when it is uploaded.

    Lower the quality, smaller the file size is, and it provides better streaming for slower internet connections.

    If you select Variable, it produces a high quality video and will work better with all types of internet connections.

  4. In New Account Password, enter a new password for the JetWebinar account. This resets the current account password.

  5. Click Save Settings to save the settings done.

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